In Residence

CFMDC is proud to host students and artists who are exploring and studying the CFMDC collection and archives. This can involve film inspection and preservation, archival practices, and getting to know other aspects of the tech process. These scholars have spent time in our library and film vault for research, which you can read more about here.

2019: Deidre Simmons


Deidre is a master’s candidate in Ryerson University’s Film & Photography Preservation & Collections Management Program, class of 2019. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Film Studies at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During her time in Toronto, she has had the opportunity to work with both film and video here at CFMDC and at Vtape. While completing her 6-month residency for her masters program, Deidre looked at the HIV/AIDS films in the collection, focusing on how films in an artist-run collection can be continually accessed. Currently she is working with FADO Performance Art Centre to catalogue and archive their collection in the new Research Centre at The Commons in the 401 Richmond arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto.

2019: Shannon Gagnon


Shannon is a first year student in the Film Preservation and Collections Management Masters program at Ryerson. Her research interests include Canadian video and performance art, which she has been exploring at the CFMDC through the digitization of artist master tapes.





2019: Madison More

Madison More Headshot

Madison More is an aspiring filmmaker and archivist. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies and History from Trent University and is currently enrolled in the Museum Management and Curatorship program at Fleming College. While completing her internship at CFMDC, she will be researching the preservation and exhibition needs of experimental film.


Amin Khoeini

IMG_2425Amin has a B.Sc. in Electronics and started his career as a field Engineer at Simens Company 10 years ago. When he moved to Canada he decided to pursue his old ambition in Film. He got a B.A. in Film Studies at Concordia University and a M.A. in Film Preservation at Ryerson University. He has also volunteered at the Moving Image Resource Center and the Film Society of Montreal as a Film handler. He also did an internship with the CFMDC and worked in their collection for his thesis work on the Independent Imaging Retreat (The Film Farm).

Amin’s thesis is an applied project aimed at identifying all the film produced at the Independent Imaging Retreat (Film Farm workshop) and that is currently held by CFMDC. The identification process including research into external sources such as filmmaker’s websites, festival journals and distribution documents. A spreadsheet was created and the CFMDC database was updated to catalogue the Film Farm collection at CFMDC. Finally, a complete condition report was provided for all the films identified in the collection. The first two chapters briefly cover the history of the Film Farm workshop and its collection at CFMDC. The third chapter discusses the process of identifying the Film Farm titles at CFMDC, and the physical inspection of the collection.

Dorottya Salazay


Dorottya Szalay (1985) is a film theorist and a curator from Budapest, Hungary. She holds an MA in Film Studies and is a PhD candidate at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. Her dissertation focuses on the forms of abstraction in Central and Eastern European avant-garde cinema. In 2013 she was awarded the National Scholarship of the Slovak Republic and spent a semester at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU) studying the history of the Slovak non-narrative film. A year later she received the Visegrad scholarship for post-Masters research and spent two semesters in Prague at the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) and at the Center for Audiovisual Research of FAMU exploring the trends of the Czech contemporary underground film. Her articles have been published in Prizma Film Periodical, Filmvilág, Apertúra, Alföld (etc.) She has curated several screenings and gave lectures on Eastern European avant-garde film in Hungary and beyond. She is the founding member of Kontra Kollektiva (2017) and the creator of artinCINEMA, an Eastern European avant-garde film database and online film journal.

2016: Stephen Broomer

Broomer Headshot

Stephen Broomer (b. 1984) is a filmmaker and film preservationist. He holds a BFA in Film and Video Production, an MA in Film Studies, and a PhD in Communication & Culture, his dissertation is a study of the origins of the Canadian avant-garde film. He has given public presentations of his film restoration work at Harvard, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Pleasure Dome (Toronto), and the Canadian Film Institute. His own films have screened at Views from the Avant-Garde, TIFF Wavelengths, and the MassArt Film Society. In 2015, his films were the subject of a book of essays, The Transformable Moment: The Films of Stephen Broomer, edited by Scott Birdwise and Tom McSorley, and published by the Canadian Film Institute. His first book, Hamilton Babylon: A History of the McMaster Film Board, was released by University of Toronto Press in February 2016.